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ANR Sailing Regatta Ltd. was started by Jorsling Bartholomew (Adrian), George DaCosta (Norman) and Roger Awah.  The Company’s Initials were derived from their names which they are commonly known by, Adrian, Norman and Roger, hence the ANR.  As this name is quite synonymous with Tobago and its first Tobagonian Prime Minister, Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson, known as ANR Robinson, we decided use it as it refers to Tobago.  The Regatta is known as the ANR Tobago Sailing Regatta.

Norman DaCosta has been sailing with his uncle since he was seven years old in the late fifties, racing on various dinghies before moving onto larger sailing yachts at the Trinidad and Tobago Yachting Association (TTYA).  Adrian Bartholomew joined TTYA in the early eighties as did Roger Awah.  Both of whom started racing on thirty (30) footers.  Having moved on to different Racing Yachts, Adrian, Norman and Roger never raced together until 2012, where we discussed the possibility of restarting the regatta in Tobago.  Our other three members of the ANR Planning Committee started racing in the seventies, mostly on dinghies before moving onto the larger fixed keel yachts.  As you can tell, our committee comprises of Racing Sailors with over 250 combined years of experience between them. 

We are hoping to increase our participation in 2020 by attracting an International Sponsor who is willing to help us make this Regatta a firm fixture on the Caribbean Sailing Calendar

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